A task for Class 3 Regular

Give an example about moslem attitude which is not compatible with islamic values!

Remember to write your name and your NIM! Dateline for this task on friday, 18th sept 2009 at 18.00

Good Luck!


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  1. cahayadunia55 berkata:

    Name : Nurul Wulaningsih
    No Reg : 4715083327

    The use of drum before adzan to inform everyone that prayer time was very close.
    : Drum and the like is a device for playing games, it should not be used to inform the people about the arrival time of prayer or near the time of prayer. All that is unlawful innovation. Which is required in order to replenish the adzan set by the Shari’a. Has been described by the Prophet Shallallahu’alaihi wasallam:

    “Whoever invents in affairs (of religion) is something that we are no propositions in it, so he fabricated” (Bukhari and Muslim)

  2. muhamad reza berkata:

    name : Muhamad Rizki Reza
    no reg : 4715082203
    Say greeting of each other moslem “assalamualaikum”

    In islamic values teaching for moslem in order that to say greeting (SALAM) for each other moslem, because it suitable by islamy religion. And it means to unite of each other moslem friendship.
    But in reality many moslem like don’t be care with their brother in same religion (ISLAM),this is indicate they aren’t suitable between their attitude as moslem with islamic values.
    so let’s say; “SALAM” to our brother in same religion (ISLAM), for BEST MOSLEM.

  3. Sayyid Furqon Hasbi berkata:

    Name : Sayyid Furqon Hasbi
    NIM : 4715083334

    Every religion, to teach for praying. In religion Islam, Allah to order Moslem people for praying too, like writing in Koran. Many written in Koran which containt to pray, for example in Surah Al-Bayinah:5

    “And they have been commanded no more than this: To worship Allah, offering Him sincere devotion, being true (in faith), to establish regular prayer, and to practise regular charity, and that is the Religion Right and Straight.”

    Although, on fact being moslem people this moment many do not to pray. They prefer working than praying. And this case don’t can do it of Islam.

  4. Noer Barkah berkata:

    Name : Noer Barkah
    NIM : 4715080242

    One example of Muslim behavior incompatible with Islamic values which are often held tahlilan one family after someone dies.
    Activities by which I mean here is tahlilan held after 3 days, 7 days, 40 days, 100 days, and 1000 days after someone dies from a Muslim family.
    And this activity is also burdensome for the family dead, because they must provide meals to guests.
    “We (the Companions) consider activities families gathered at the house the body, and serve the food is part of niyahah (lamenting the dead)” (R. Ibn Majah)
    And the impression of the dish deliver at the tahlilan is contrary to the Prophet Muhammad’s message:
    “Make food for Jafar’s family, because they were busy in trouble “(HR. Abu Daud)


  5. M Syukron al-Iqbal berkata:

    name : Muhammad Syukron Al Iqbal
    no reg : 4715082180

    To faith the magical things

    Islam teaching for human being aren’t faith by magical things until faith that things can be life, because can be affect “syirik” (faith the greatest things than Almighty’s Allah).

    But the moslem people especially on java lands still doing ritually like the magical things such as washed “keris blade” with the flower water in helding 1 Muharram,pieces of surah koran would be as charm and still many things of events their helding.
    that’s would be affected uncompatible between islamic values with moslem attitude.

  6. Diah Novita Fardani berkata:

    Name: Diah Novita Fardani
    No. Reg: 4715082202

    Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb.
    Bank interest law by scholars jumhur is unlawful because, he clearly is usury. The evidence is QS. 2: 275. (God justifies the sale and purchase and forbidden usury).

    Syariah Banking is a financial institution is providing basic business credit and other services in payment traffic and money perderan operating disesuai with sharia principles.

    In the Qur’an has clearly haraam involved usury. And the nature of the bank interest rate is equivalent to usury. Therefore equally unlawful.
    But if we are already saving our money in conventional banks, then we have the right to take our tabungkan receipts alone, but if we take the interest we’ve seen take (part of) usury.
    It would be better if you kmu divert savings in conventional banks to Islamic banks to be more secure kehalalannya.

    Wassalamu’alaikum wr. wb

  7. Nur Isnayanti berkata:

    Name : Nur Isnayanti
    No. Reg : 4715082173
    Tattle, gossip = Ghibah
    We often unconsciously gibah. Just like that happen and not felt that it was one of sin, because so often. Gibah So this contradicts the teachings of Islam and as human beings we often unknowingly do. Ghibah definition we can see in the hadith the Prophet the following:
    “Ghibah is you tell your brother about something he hates.” The questioner again asked, “O Messenger of Allah, how do you think if what was said was right there with him?” He replied, “if it was available to him, it ghibah name. If not true, it means you have done buhtan (making it). “(Narrated by Muslim, Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud, and Ahmad).
    Based on the above hadith is clear that the definition of ghibah brother told us about something he hates even though it’s true. This means that we tell and disseminate the ugliness and shame of our brothers to others. God hates this act and the perpetrators ghibah likens like someone who ate his own dead brother. Allah says:
    “O ye who believe, avoid most of suspicion, prejudice is the real part is a sin and do not find fault with other people and not some of you with some of the other gossip.likes one of you eat the flesh of his dead brother? So you would have repelled him. And fear Allah. Verily Allah is Recipient repentance, Most Merciful. “(Surat al-Hujurat: 12)

  8. Sulastri 4715082192 berkata:

    Name : Sulastri
    NIM : 4715082192

    Assalamua’laikum Mam…

    Moslem attitude which is not compatible with islamic values is Married by in under other hand (siri).

    In Indonesian country a lot of moslem people doing married by in under other hand (siri) because they consider that’s married can be may (halal) in Islam Religion. It according to married like that doing that’s enough what so far with Ijab Qabul, there is a man who become a husband, a women become a wife, the male relative of bride, two witness, chief, and wedding gift (mahar), and the married had been done. Maybe in the Islam Religion married like that is done but suitable of regulation is not done because Indonesian country is country which goverment low about the married rule.

  9. Alfi Irhamsyah berkata:

    Name:Alfi Irhamsyah
    In Islam we have to call (dakwah),but use it by better,kindly,and wisety,because in Koran statemet like of Surah An Nahl:125. But reality on fact many people doing contradicty,vandalism,and usually fallce perception each other and enemy them.

  10. Zahratuz Zikriyah berkata:

    Name : Zahratuz Zikriyah
    NIM :4715083342


    In islam religion, dating that no absolutely. Even been prohibitted, whatever available only ta’aruf which is mutually knows mutually among female and male, but then myriad even well-nigh all moslem dating before getting married, while islam aloning to teach dating afters gets married.

    Date was misconceived by adolescent now, even dating have become tradition and fairly at our society. There is also some bodies that says date that islami’s ala is let deep islamic, but then that incorrect statement big.

    Therefore we as people of moslem, shall explicit say NO DATING … !!!!

  11. Fela Fitria Nur Annisa berkata:

    Name : Fela Fitria Nur Annisa
    NIM : 4715082191

    Assalamualaikum Mam…!


    Islam have Islam religion law one of them are to forbid change from of our body. Although on fact in this cases had done, like doing plastic surgery to beautify body/face.
    In this case be new mode in this year, but on Islam religion law that’s Haram, because that’s change destiny’s God.

  12. Muhammad Dimas berkata:

    Name: Muhammad Dimas
    NIM : 4715082181

    Ramadhan’s Fast

    Fasting in Ramadhan is a must for us as a Moslem. In the holy Qur’an surah Al-Baqarah: 183, Allah commands us to fast.
    But in fact, not every people fast in Ramadhan because of various reasons.
    Many people drinks and eats in the middle of the day during Ramadhan. That’s be the trouble for the other molem. And the matter is so contrast with islam attitude.

  13. Irma Puspitasari berkata:

    Name : Irma Puspitasari
    NIM : 4715083325


    In my opinion, One example of Muslim behavior incompatible with Islamic values is 7 month pregnant woman.

    Actually Every parent would expect to be born child would become a good boy. Moreover, as a Muslim, it is expected that children will be born into a righteous servant of God and devotion to his parents and the benefit to religion and the nation.

    In celebration of the Hindu religion is known for the 7 month. while in the Islamic Syari’at, not in the know at all the various kinds of ceremonies / celebrations associated with the pregnancy of a woman and never exemplified by the Apostle Muhammad and his companions.

    seven monthly celebration was just a culture indonesia are influenced by Hindu culture.

  14. Meiliani Sujati berkata:


    Name : Meiliani Sujati
    NIM : 4715083339

    In islam religion separation right full to dislike by god but usually to said legitimate to perfrom (in koran of annissa : 130 ).

    Separation with legitimate of islam religion law are separated who doing some moslem people according to good things , is not be worst some doing, it means after separated that will be run with good things not do to slander eath after until can be affect opponent. after that example : Many celebration..

  15. siti zuhriyah berkata:

    name: siti zuhriyah
    no reg: 4715082196

    the days before the end of ramadan

    During the days before the end of ramadan, the housewives are busy preparing for the miscellaneous Eid purposes, such as making cakes, painting wall, buying new clothes, and clean the house.
    Should the housewife be more active to pray and read qur’an because the end of ramadan is a glorious night of Laylat al-Qadr night.

  16. Adzni Fajri berkata:

    Name: Adzni Fajrina
    No. Reg: 4715 0833 37

    Corruption is the abuse of power, money, time, and etc. Corruption is banned by ISLAM but now, it’s become a habit, bad habit.
    Even a culture in our society. Mostly, the subject of
    corruption is a moslem people. it show us that moslem attitude is not compatible whit ISLAMIC value.
    Corruption can occur in small rage up to large range.
    For example:
    Most Moslems are not efficient in using time, coming late to school is a common thing for a student. many time is using for useless activity this is one of corruption, corruption the time.
    Besides in ISLAM we know there a term:
    time is a sword, it means if we didn’t using our time well, it can kill our self.

  17. Nendita Putri Ardiyana berkata:

    Name : Nendita Putri Ardiyana
    NIM : 4715083333

    According to islam religion, valentine’s day is not be may because that is from nasrani religion. the loved date is not only one day in your live but that is can be everyday everytime you can do it.

    And many moslem people has meantly valentine’s day is love and passion. it is will be many people of Indonesian followed west culture.

  18. Dina Mazaya Syauqy berkata:

    Name: Dina Mazaya Syauqy
    NIM: 4715082199

    Assl . . Good evening . .


    Jihad is a struggle in the way of Allah and all things related to it. Jihad in Rasululullah SAW era was conducted when fighting with kafir Quraisy, such as war of Badar or war of Uhud. Indonesia’s battle against the colonist of Holland can be considered as Jihad too. Mentioned in Quran Surah al-Hajj: 39

    But nowadays, Jihad is applied in a different way. Today’s jihad is about to build and to construct the nation or country, not about to kill someone (or suicide-bombing). So that, if there are many people or group are doing suicide bombing like recently happened in Moslem attitude in this era, that is misunderstanding and a big fault, in religion side or in law side.

  19. Fakhrushawky NIM : 4715082200 berkata:

    Goodnight everybody,….

    The example for moslem attitude wich is not compatible with islamic value is about gambling and drunk,….

    because in the Al-Qur’an tell about this problem, we can’t do that because it is can make not good for our life. If we drunk it can make our body be a not good, not fit, and everything.

    And if we gambling it can make your life not good, and your money has gone.This problem tell in Al-Qur’an in Surah Al-Baqarah : 219 and many more, like Surah Al-Maidah tell about this problem to.

    We can’t do that because it is warning from god Alloh SWT, if we do that we will get some disaster from him, so don’t do that.

  20. Nuri wulandari berkata:

    Nuri Wulandari
    NIM: 4715082194


    in Islam we really allowed to celebrate birthdays, like the birthday celebration of Prophet Muhammad. However, birthday celebrations have been justified in Islam are like gods to multiply dhikr, remembering the sins of the previous year, and share with people who could not afford from us, but nowadays many people who misuse know how to celebrate, such as burst waste money only for things that are not useful. And god was so hated the people who are too excessive.

  21. advent jose berkata:

    name : advent jose
    nim : 4715082205

    first i’ll to say thanks to ALLAH n the messangger is rasulullah muhammad…
    and my lecturer who is smart and all of my friend who’s kindly
    my coment about unbalanced between islamic value and muslim attitude….
    is back to home ” mudik”
    when islamic celebration arrived
    muslims in the world maybe specifically for indonesia celebrated with come back to their family house..
    or pulang kampung ” mudik” the terminology

    mudik has been common for muslim in indonesia..
    without mudik islamic celebration taste not to good..
    every people will be effort how to do that their can mudik

    although they not have a money..
    but actually the case is islam not teach that..
    islam just teach to forgive and giving sorry to everyone people..
    islam doesnt teach so that we must go to mudik if we cant do it…
    but that have been a habit in muslim in indonesia…

    because that i’ll giving my opinon about that…
    n hopeless this coment can be a good sugestion for every muslimin..

    assalamualaikum wr wb..

  22. ulfah masfufah nim 4715080241 berkata:

    Moslem attitude which is not compatible with islamic values is

  23. sri sumaryati berkata:

    name: sri sumaryati
    nrm: 4715082168

    Islam teaches or ordered Muslims to worship the gods, but many people claim Islam but do not reflect the behavior of Islam, such as: go to a psychic and ask the people who have died in the cemetery

  24. ulfah masfufah nim 4715080241 berkata:

    Moslem attitude which is not compatible with islamic values is Clothes and Body shapes. WHY??
    Because clotes and body shapes such as a treasure for a woman or muslimah. ( Qur’an Al’Araf: 26. But attitude a muslimah not compatible,example Attitude Muslim in Indonesia as if we use closed dressed and use ” cadar” such as a terorist. Allah likes a muslimah who kept a wear and body shapes from non ” Muhrim”.
    Ulfah reg 08

  25. Lina Asih berkata:

    Name:Lina Asih


    The practice of shamanism in the Islamic view.

    Indonesia is a fertile place for shamanism. This country as if chained with shamanism. Want to Sell the land, to his business well, will hold office until the search for soul mates to go to the shaman.
    The world of magic and witchcraft is closely related to the world of jinn and devils, therefore it is important we listen to the Islamic view about the world of jinn.
    Pleaded the jinn protection is haraam, such as for protection against him, his health, safety, property, house, office, garden, kenadaraannya, office, business, religion, etc..
    as described in (Qur’an 72:6)
    shamanic practices committed by some people Islam is incompatible with Islamic values.

  26. dekhalfath fahliana berkata:

    name : dekhalfath fahliana
    nim : 4715082183

    the movie “wanita berkalung sorban”is controversy,because raise of history is lowing woman for men,for example:women somebody have to willing in poygamy by husband.and in the movie it perhaps islam religion is very limited for women,whereas not like that,because women have in self heaven via polygamy.and comprehension mentioned be false for you know,in especiallye
    by common society,until be afraid for know islam more inside.,because not have knowledge islam religion,and until the movie this in contra because of uniteds islamic in indonesian.and i hope that for next tim ine institute censor movie in indonseesian,be able correct in selection movies the genre islam,because impact to comprehension that self.

  27. Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb
    Islamic values are incompatible with the behavior of Muslims
    Smug is a bad trait of the first after the creation of Adam. Devil who thinks he is more noble than Adam so that God Almighty away from heaven. Satan had so far spread the virus to mausia proud to accompany her in hell later.
    These properties are felt in the cities – big cities in Indonesia. For example the practice of Collusion Nepotism Corruption is rampant among the officials of this country. Which causes other problems such as environmental destruction, poverty, and ignorance is prolonged. Because of this nature has permeated the Muslims in Indonesia in particular, the problem is not solved completely.
    Muslims in order to overcome these problems and avoid the torment of Fire, then the Muslims must avoid arrogant nature.

  28. Rya Rahayu berkata:

    Rya Rahayu

    in islam according to Imam Syafi’i is permissible but only for mother who experienced a pregnancy of less than 40 days, but today it tends to be abortion only to kiil innocen babies. but there are also some poeple abortion is asin because it’s like killilng a baby

  29. ilyasrosyadi berkata:

    nama: Ilyas Rosyadi
    no.reg :4715083336

    Stood Urine
    Kept urine could result in fatal, because of disrupting the work of the kidney. If too much often kept urine, could result in the other illness, including the kidney stone. Moreover the matter worst was to fail the kidney. If receiving the illness like that, just we realised how we forgot ALLOH SWT comfort.

    I could be informed one of my friends, that the position sat (or squat) was the ideal position for urine. I seldom forgot the explanation of his details, approximately my friend say that with jongkok, then the urethra and the other channel (that supported the process of urine) will be open wide as well as maximised the urine yg went out. In other words, all the urines will be issued. On the other hand, if urine stood, then had the channel yg did not function optimal.

    Because I’m not the person understood deep concerning health knowledge. Here I will discuss about urine stood from the religious point of view.

    The view/the assumption of only positions of urine squat that was permitted (both for the man and the woman) could be heard by me also from several people of the Muslim scholar/Ustad. They used the proposition along with: from Aisyah ra. Said, “who that said that Rasulullah SAW urine stood, then should be not justified. He never urine while standing. ” (Khamsah except Daud Ash with sanad that shahih)

    This means that, urine stood forbidden? And we uptil now did not copy Sunnah Rasul? Upss…not simple that stated urine stood as something forbidden and accused we did not copy sunnah the Apostle. Please by me looked for the reference, how Rasululloh SAW urinate squat/sat, or had done while standing? Evidently, urine stood that might!!! Found by me the proposition as follows: from Huzaifah ra. That he said, “Rasulullah SAW visited sabathah (a place that was high to hide behind) to a group and he urine while standing. Afterwards he ask for was gotten water and wiped off the two khuff him (shoes). Then I went to move further away but he called me as far as me was behind him. ” (Bukhari and Muslim)
    this Rasululloh SAW Action was also copied by his friend, Umar bin Khatab. Zaid ra. said, “A I saw Umar bin Al-Khattab urine with stood. ” (Hadits with sanad that shahih)

  30. Assalamu’alaium Wr Wb. Khawatir tulisan komen saya mrirp dengan Adzni Fajrina karena ada kata “Korupsi. Maka saya ngirim lagi bolehkan bu. ( Worried writing my comments like with Adzni Fajrina because corruption said. So, I sent again allow )

    Disobedience to parents

    Creature called “man” who cared for by her parents since the cradle. Gradually grow toward maturity. Apparently, after he felt completely well off she was reluctant to care for aging parents. Yet, at a time like that parents love their children need. Resulting in poor parents pray for his own. This friend had experienced the Prophet Muhammad Al – Qomah. He was a diligent and devout worship. However, Al – Qomah loved his wife more than her own mother. It made her heart hurt. At the time of death breathe, Al – Qomah difficulties. his was heard by the Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet asked his companions, what caused this? and the Prophet was asked again, what he still has a parent. friend replied: yes, he still has a mother. If so, call him here. Mother Al – Qomah tell what happened to the Prophet. The Prophet asked, Did the mother willing to forgive the son’s mother? Her mother is very hard to forgive Al – Qomah because too deeply hurt. Prophet Muhammad had ordered friends prepare to burn firewood Al – Qomah. After that, Al – Qomah be burned. Seeing as it was the mother of Al – Qomah eventually forgave him and the Prophet did not become burned AL – Qomah. That is due to human disobedience to parents.
    We as humans to avoid such things, then we should be filial to parents. As word of Allah SWT :
    And We have enjoined on man (do good) to the two mother and father; his mother had conceived him in a state of increasing weakness – added, and weaning in two years. Give thanks to Me and to your parents of two people, only to my return (S Q. 31: 14)

    Thank you for your attention and tasks assigned. Jazakumullah Khoiron katsiron

    Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb

  31. Lily Meutia Apriany berkata:

    Name : Lily Meutia Apriany
    NIM : 4715083329

    Moslem attitude which is not compatible with islamic values is Polygamy.
    Islam did not ban polygamy but provided that appropriate available in Al-quran. and was gotten in Alquran: “Marry women who were liked by you: two three or four. Afterwards if you were frightened of can not act just, then one, or slaves who were had by you. Like that was lebih close to did not do the oppression. ” (QS An-Nisa: 3)
    Polygamy was introduced legally formal by the Islam culture, with conditions that were required. For example must be on the wife’s first willingness
    The problem of polygamy was the problem that must be seen from various points of view, the value, as well as the current rule. From the different point of view, then will be produced by the different conclusion.
    Possibly in the normal community polygamy is not not good

  32. Lutfa Istiana berkata:

    Nama : Lutfa Istiana
    No.Reg : 4715083326

    In my opinion, one of the islamic arrangement which is opposite with the islamic attitude is about trans-gender between man and woman. Now, there are many men who act like a woman, in attitude, life style, like to wear woman’s adornment, such as: ring, necklet, pendulum, etc. And, that adornments are made from gold. in fact, there is a rasulullah hadith that forbid all of the muslim men to do that. There is an hadith which said that Rasulullah forbids a man to wear cloth from silk, and which is colored with yellow, wear a gold ring, and read the Koran while ruku’.And there are many men who usual to wear women’s clothes have an attitude like a woman, so they more confident that condition, even, there some man who changes his gender status for his own importance, that is for his job and career, like man designer. even, there are some men who change some parts of their body in order to make their body look like the woman’s body. such us: enlarge breast, and bottom. even, there are men who change their sex. and, after they get the confidence, they wear many women’s accessories.
    Likewise the women, there are some women who change their life style and become like a man, it can be seen in their fashion, hair style, and clothes. Now, there are many women who cut their hair like a man, wear man’s cloth, such as: t-shirt, trousers or shorts which are usually wore by a man, and they free to show their part of the body which must not be exposed. This condition makes them comfort and confident. and, this behavior has made lesbian and homo community. There is one hadith voiced, there are 4 groups which will be hated by Allah in the morning and evening. ‘who are they, yaa rasulullah?’ he answered, ‘a man who act like a woman, a woman who act like a man, a man who have a sex with an animal, and the homosex’.

  33. Nisa Muthoharoh berkata:

    Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb

    One example Moslem attitude which is not compatible with Islamic values is difference religion of marry.This because of marrying different the religion was the ban and not kufu (was on the same level) religion. Like to Koran (the letter of Al-hujarat:13) This indicated that human who exalted Allah it same a piety and a faith with us.
    All mazhab also agreed that the man and the Moslem woman can not marry people who syibh kitab .They including this category was the worshipper the idol, the sun, the animal, and other things that they the worship. Moreover the other reason for forbidden to married the heathen woman or kafir and forbidden to married the polytheist’s or musyrik woman before they were faithful to Allah. Be based on to the letter Koran of Al-Mumtahanah:10 and Al-Baqarah:221. The means that for them who married different the religion was the same as adultery because evidently was banned by Allah.
    by:nisa muthoharoh no.reg:4715083338

  34. Willy Azwendra berkata:

    Name : Willy Azwendra
    No reg : 4715082166

    Assalamu`alaikum wr.wb

    Islam to look at Tahayul

    In our mind there are many patterns or certain beliefs both neg ative and positive. For example, certain beliefs about success, is that success had to be hard work. is it is only with the successful submission and there is a belief that a successful be the mascot (kris, and the like). But for the keris in certain circles, not as a mascot, but only as hobby collections.

    Several Moslem believe they can get treasure if they pray in the graveyard, big trees, in the junggle, etc.
    Eventhough Islam never teach about that. So, to moslem people that obey to Islam program they brain to get a succesfull life without come to the dark world. The effect to the doer this unforgivemess sin, because they to play homage beside Allah or Syirik.

  35. Adysha Citra Ramadani berkata:

    Nama: Adysha Citra R
    NIM: 4715083341

    An Example Of Islamic Behavior Which Is Not Commensurate With The Islamic Values

    In Islam, there is a theory that teaches us to treat our neighbor kindly. Because, our neighbor is our second family who will help us when we get a misfortune and a ‘place’ where we can share our happiness. But, now, many moslem peoples do not care about their neighborhood. They live individually, and only care with their own business. It isn’t commensurate with a hadith which explains that we must kind to our neighbor. And this is the hadith:

    Narrated by Ibn Umar and Aisyah R.A, they said: “ Rasulullah SAW said: ‘ Jibril always reminds me to treat our neighbor kindly every time, until I thought that our neighbor will get our inheritance too’ ”

    Maybe, This individualism looks like a trivial issue, but it can destroy the Islam’s foundation if we let it grow.

  36. Phaedra Fathiyya Bilqis berkata:

    Nama: Phaedra Fathiyya Bilqis

    In Islam, the deferences between halal and haram are clear. But it is not clear enough, because there is still syubhat between them, and many peoples do not know this.

    For Example: eat a meat that unknown how it can slaughter. It will be haram except there is a clear proof that shows the meat was slaughtered in Islamic way.

  37. sri sumaryati berkata:

    name:sri sumaryati


    in our islam teaches not to worship or believe.in other than allah h0wefer there are still many people who claimb islam but do not reflect those islam attitude such as : believe in the prophecy,went to a psychic to bag on inanimate object etc

  38. al fitriah berkata:

    4715082185, reguler
    (maaf ralat dikit bu)

    virtual word…
    Virtual word as instrument of cumunication in global word range, but us to dakwah for people of islam used it, we are look that more to having fun, not to pray and reward.


  39. lena Noviyanti berkata:

    Lena Noviyanti

    Nowadays, a lot of coutle merried in bifferent religion.
    According to islam religion, a moslem can’t married with
    nonmoslem people.
    Is it was happend, the merriage is illegal.

  40. CLEANLINES…………..?!?!?!?!

    Asalamualaikum…. my name asep ali za’far Nim;4715082207

    The cleanlines a part of the faith fully. clean is not only discuss from on think way, but many other thinks.
    in this case where indonesia country still have homework it may be easily problrm, but it affectvery influence of as in this country imagineif it happen the waste place have been fulled will be to drop out some where plays, you can imagine if a waste or rubbish on anywhere it can be happen for flood and this is not solve again. and this is our responsbilities for moslem people as a followter the prophet, thiscountry and allof us.


    Nama:Mohamad Angga Blitario
    NIM: 4715082189

    Good Morning Ladies and GentLement . .
    PLease give me a time and your attention . .
    HororabLe my teacher and aLL of my friends . .

    I’m Mohamad Angga BLitario . .
    I’m standing here to apoLogize for my mistake, that is for the Late to submit my ArticLe . .
    It is caused by my heaLth at that Time . .
    I was sick and I couLdn’t go to campuz to submit my assignment . .
    I couLdn’t do anything, because it was outside from my capabiLity . .

    I hope you understand about it . .
    For the Last, thanx for your attention and forgive me pLease ! !


    GLobalization era was concern to human life. The flow of information and technoloy attack violently unreined and change brainstorm of human. Now, many people are busy with the matter of each of them.
    It is started from office, house and another problems. And those are taken all of their time, so that they are not have much time to present religious recitation, sit and hear Tausyiah or spiritual refreshing. They more like to face their computer and hand phone, maybe to search for new informations or just to play and examine in the Cyber world. That’s why rise some blogs or archeological sites that service spiritual refreshing of moslem.
    In fact, The online system of religious proselytizing are enjoyed by executive moslem, worker and employer.
    Most of them don’t have much time to come and hear religious speech directly. Since of that, they use internet service and selecting to hear religious speech from hand phone.
    That’s why many religious institution produce religious archeological site with the content obout Tausyiah and the material from AL-Quran.
    It is more simple, easy and excited by many people and it can be enjoyed whenever and wherever.
    Those are some reason why religious proselytizing is presented through On Line.
    Where there is moslem, there is religious proselytizing.
    With the developing of technology Now, religious proselytizing was celebrate it’s wing, that is through information Technology (On Line).
    With the On Line religious proselytizing, glorious and upright of mosjem can be true.

    The existance of OnLine religious proselytizing because of our need.
    And then, for the complete and improvisation for Us from OnLine ReLigious Proselytizing Management, We accep crical, suggestion and active contribution of aLL.

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