Speed – English Club

In this page, u can write whatever you want in English Language. Never afraid to start! Just be happy and  keep smile!!


23 Balasan ke Speed – English Club

  1. jenny 07 berkata:

    hello madam..how are you??
    i’m happy teach by you..in class, you very kind..hehe

  2. funniezz berkata:

    I’m glad to join here…

    it’s my first tme writng in this pge….

    a lot of people wnts to join here but they had limt money 4 going to warnet,,,, includ me…

    so please help us…. hikkk…hikkk…hik….


  3. funniezz berkata:

    do u knw me????

    I’m a lucky guy in the world…


  4. funniezz berkata:

    did u know why I’m lucky??

    coz I’m the most handsme man in the world ….


  5. Siti Nur Fadlilah berkata:

    hi..miss!! how is your life? may I join here?

  6. tafany berkata:

    Hm.. we have a ‘narsis’ guy here..
    Yup.. all of u can join this page.
    Hope, we can improve our English by our interaction here…

  7. funniezz berkata:

    yupzzz…. we got a”narziz” guy…. but truely u like me ya!!!…. hahhaahahahahahahahahaha

    so., would u like to date with me…


    honestly from my deep heart, u’re so nice teacher that we have….

    than, kep ur smile…… and dont “pelit” wth the result of exam….


  8. yanto berkata:

    assalmkm. I’m really happy having visited this blog.
    But, How I can join. email me Ok.
    I’m english lovers and im student now, can I join?
    Wassalamualaikum wr. wb

  9. yappp berkata:

    hello miss..where are u???
    why don’t u ever seen in this blog???

  10. m0kh. ilyas berkata:

    Name : Mokh. Ilyas
    No Reg : 4715082195
    Islam religion law have been fixed to connect hair that is forbidden. In this case have a new problem will be the different and the matter such as to use wig by use the different hair like not real hair until looked as real hair.
    From this problem should be looked from the main purpose which have to the purpose for change or added form a real hair so this is a very forbidden for muslim poeple.
    And the other cases for beautify our body by to keep healthy and purity our body that’s fine, but if we change’s destiny god that’s can’t be tolerate and forbidden

  11. Eka Azizah berkata:

    Name:Eka Azizah
    NIM: 4715082171

    “Contrackly Married”
    In koran allah order for human to married and fiqih study has to managed. Althought on reality many people aften doing contrackly married but in Islam that’s don’t do, because that of category “Haram”.

  12. Dede rosadi idris berkata:

    Name: Dede rosadi idris
    NIM: 4715080238


    Islam is beauty, so official’s islam religion beauty too. if we can perform command from Allah. there is command’s Allah, we must perform and fared. we must perform command are giving many benefit. example: praying
    and than avoid all prohibition from Allah example: drinking a drink forbidden by islam it’s wine or wishky, because he can drunking and many danger. surah al-baqarah: 219

    moeslem in indonesian is many follide with perform’s from Allah and many people in around drinking a drink wine or wishky drunk. this is disagree with islamic value’s and surah al-baqarah: 219

  13. Sulastri 4715082192 berkata:

    Miss SN…

  14. jiyadul rifki berkata:

    Nama : Jiyadul Rifki
    NIM: 4715082175

    KB (Family Planning)

    Islam suggestion for moslem people to many decline for islam to growth and many followter.
    On the say the prophet have been given a massage “if people don’t married he can’t include our moslem group”.
    Purpose from the this massage suggestion for all of moslem people married to islam don’t be quite on the half way and will be next to the other generation them.
    But we a lot of see many moslem people doing “KB” will be affacted to slowly of growth people birth and that’a include fight our destiny.

  15. AL fitriah berkata:

    Al fitriah

    Dunia Maya

    Dunia maya as instrument of cumunication in global range, but use to dakwah for people of islam . many people of islam used it. we are look that more to having fun, not to pray and reward.

  16. Dede rosadi idris berkata:

    Name: Dede rosadi idris
    NIM: 4715080238

    Islam is very beauty. Rasullullah SAW say: The people who not to have faith in god, can’t to give stillness for neighbour. Even in this case by prophet Muhammad say as deep three perhaps ( Bukhari and Moeslem )

    in live and social community, we can see peoples not peace with their nighbour and than their neighbour uncomfartable to stay in their social community. isn’t same of hadits Rasullullah SAW and they aren’t of faith.

  17. Diah Anizah berkata:

    Diah Anizah

    _Close Part Of the Body_

    Islam very beautiful,many things have been a ruled,
    such as islam teach for moslem people close part of the body.
    But now many moslem people will to show part of body them.
    The mainly women who had done to show from their body,
    they dont be afraid by rule it.

  18. Resiva dianawti k berkata:

    Resiva d.w.k


    Rule of women to pray in mosque is mubah. not complusary not habit.the mainly of women to pray in her house than to pray in mosque however the rasul muhammad SAW.is the leader of pray. better of place for women to pray in mosque,better of praying are many to pray and better of place for women to pray in mosque. so for women should to pray in mosque.

  19. one berkata:

    nyarios naon atuh euy? hehehe

  20. vilyus berkata:

    Can you give me learn english??
    for beginner!!!

  21. wina berkata:

    assalamualaikum, good morning hope today better than yesterday ….

  22. Zerny Enjer berkata:

    Excuse me. I’m your student. I just writing about many word in this page. I just will be happy about write. Just be happy when I write everything. Maybe if I stay in a place, I will remember a moment with write. So, probably I can do it.

  23. How are you mam , have a nice day 🙂

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